Highlights of NDA government One Year performance

One Year Modi Government

The general election of 16th Lok Sabha as witnessed first time ever in the history of 67 years of Independent India that a non – Congress party has won a simple majority on its own. Elections where held in nine fragments from 7.04.2014 to 12.05.2014 all over India and the results were declared on 16.05.2014 in which the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) – had won 336 seats out of 543 seats in total. This led to the formation of the 16th Lok Sabha led by Shri. Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister and head of the Council of Ministers, and assured that his cabinet would be compressed, based on the guiding principle of “minimum government and maximum governance”.

Highlights of NDA government One Year performance:
1) Foreign policy.
2) On government functioning.
3) On taxation.
4) On administration and federalism.
5) On black money and abuse of power.
6) On infrastructure.
7) On Banking and insurance.

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